Orgaveda- An Wellness Products Company Founded By Munna Shukul & Sanjay Lachhman Arora

Orgaveda sells pure and natural products that are formulated with love and care. Started by Munna Shukul and Sanjay Lachhman Arora, Orgaveda sells health care products, personal care products and FMCG. The main focus at Orgaveda is to design products that are naturally sourced and the final product is as pure as possible.

Munna Shukul & Sanjay Lachhman Arora In The Forefront Of Orgaveda Business

Munna Shukul, the founder of Shukul Group Of Companies planned this venture together with Sanjay Lachhman Arora, to sell natural-based wellness products to customers. They initiated the direct-selling concept into Orgaveda so as to give a chance to interested budding entrepreneurs. Munna Shukul is already a successful entrepreneur and has many companies under him that have the networking concept. Sanjay Lachhman Arora also has prior experience working for many companies in the networking industry. Together they have forged a partnership to run Orgaveda as a direct-selling business that is into the selling of quality products across India.  

Orgaveda- A Business Plan To Become An Ecopreneur

One of the main benefits of Orgaveda is its direct selling proposition. It gives the right opportunity to people to become ‘ecopreneurs’. People who are interested in making this a full-time business or part-time income can associate themselves with Orgaveda by selling its products to others. Thus, they become Orgaveda’s direct sellers and earn incentives for every product sold. Orgaveda has the best plan that will benefit the direct-sellers immensely.

Orgaveda- Completely Pure & Natural Product List

Orgaveda has natural wellness products in healthcare, personal care, beauty care, FMCG and household articles. It has limited but the best products in its catalog. The idea is to maintain quality over quantity. All the available products are 100% guaranteed for safe and effective use.

Let us take a look at the product range of Orgaveda- 

Orgaveda Healthcare Product List

The healthcare products in Orgaveda are meant to improve the overall health and wellness of an individual. It has some interesting genuine products that are beneficial to improve immunity and gives protection against harmful diseases. Any of the products have no proven side-effects.

Orga Joint- To relieve pain in joints

Orga Berry- Nutritional blend supplement

Orga Pro- Improves overall health & immunity