Daddys Code- An IT Company Founded By Munna Shukul and Devesh Tiwari

Enterprises worldwide are making tech-savvy transformations more rapidly than ever. More and more companies are leveraging digital technology. This shift, albeit challenging to the company culture, has proved to be beneficial to all.

Munna Shukul, an entrepreneur, saw immense benefits in digital technology. He heads the Shukul Group Of Companies, a conglomerate with diverse interests in finance investments, film production, event management, and many more. He latched on to digital technology early on in his business and thus was born Shukul Infotech, an IT company branded as Daddy’s Code. Devesh Tiwari was made the head of the IT section.  

Daddys Code- A Complete Digital Solution Provider

Shukul Infotech was first established to churn out websites and mobile apps for the subsidiaries of the Shukul Group. It also employed graphic designers and digital marketers to brand their in-house products. Gradually, it became a full-fledged IT company employing more than 30+ employees. It slowly started taking projects from outside clients and thus was born Daddys Code, an IT company that renders services in digital marketing, website designing, mobile app development, game development, graphic designing, e-commerce website development and digital card designing. 

Daddys Code- Managed By Munna Shukul And Devesh Tiwari

Daddys Code is efficiently managed by its founder Munna Shukul. The day-to-day running is managed by Devesh Tiwari, the Managing Director of Shukul Group. He has spearheaded the growth of Daddys Code from being an in-house IT company to the one that gets good projects from outside clients. It has an expert team that is well-versed in advanced technologies and implements relevant software based on client business needs.

Daddys Code is an emerging tech company that has an aim to be India’s best IT solution provider. It is growing by leaps and bounds under the able leadership of Munna Shukul and it will not be long before it fulfils its dream.