About Me

Every Moment Matters! “Life is about pursuing happiness, while success is just its byproduct”


An entrepreneur par excellence, Mr. Munna Shukul is the Founder and Chairman of Shukul Group Of Companies. He heads a conglomerate that has diverse business interests in the field of finance, investments, trading & broking, advisory, e-commerce, infotech, film production, event management, selling of organic product range, direct selling and a host of other profitable ventures.


Munna Shukul completed his Master’s from M.S University Vadodara before starting his professional journey. He worked as a manager and investment trader before setting up his independent firm, Shukul Group Of Companies. Starting out small, this company has grown by leaps and bounds in a span of a few years.


The journey from aspiring to start an independent venture to establishing a successful conglomerate has been both inspiring and satisfying for Munna Shukul. He believes in building an ecosystem that creates synergy for other aspiring entrepreneurs thus immensely benefitting the human resources under it. His group is now eyeing the travel and logistics sector.


For Munna Shukul, belief in oneself is one of the most important considerations in building any productive enterprise. For a man who has dreams of building a spectacular future in business, the journey has just begun.

Munna Shukul is on a mission to achieve the national market dominance of his organization. He develops and maintains effective networks and working relationships to further improve the growth of the group. His distinctive management style is strategically planned to set the best financial benchmarks in the industry.



Munna Shukul’s business strategy is aligned with his vision to make Shukul Group Of Companies a global conglomerate in diversified business verticals. He is experienced in creating and managing a high-performance environment and he has extensive knowledge in leveraging the best out of his staff to succeed.


Munna Shukul’s goal in the organization is to enhance and ensure that Shukul Group remains the market leader in the industry. Shukul Group’s success can be attributed to Munna Shukul’s wide-ranging experience, a deep understanding of the client requirements and a commitment to exceeding their expectations 24/7.