“Half of your marketing is complete if you start thinking from the customer’s perspective and not from the company’s profit perspective.”

About me

"I have invested time, money, energy and resources in updating the skills and knowledge of my salesforce."

This is the most profitable investment I have ever made for my company.

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The small steps, challenges and victories along the path of your success enriches your experience and takes on a greater meaning in life

The journey from the time of inception of Shukul Group in 2015, to date, has seen many ups and downs but it is the far-sighted strategy of Munna Shukul that has helped it weather all storms and come out of it victorious.

Join Munna Shukul on his journey from starting an e-commerce venture to building a diverse empire that has managed to win the hearts of customers forever.

Journey Timeline


My FM Award

Shukul Showbiz, under the guidance of Munna Shukul, received The TITANS 2019 by My FM-Excellence in Event Management and Film Production Award.

Toronto GIFA 2020 Award

Chasani, produced by Munna Shukul, received the Best Emerging Film Of The Year Award 2020

GIFA 2019 Best Movie Award

Chasani, under Shukul Showbiz banner, won four awards at GIFA 2019. It won the Best Movie GIFA Award of the Year 2019.

TV 9 Ace Achievers Award

Munna Shukul was awarded the TV9 Ace Achievers Award 2019 by Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani, the CM of Gujarat.


Transformation In An Inclusive Way

Munna Shukul heads a conglomerate, Shukul Group Of Companies that brings together a number of diverse entities providing flexible customer solutions.

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Munna Shukul

Munna Shukul is the man who started the Shukul Group Of Companies. A suave entrepreneur, influencer and efficient manager, he continues to inspire and motivate others to continue their passion and fulfill their dreams.


He believes in building deep relationships. He channelizes his happiness into meaningful customer experiences and moments. He has this magical charisma to transform into a friend to motivate his employees or be the dynamic leader to lead them to success. He has a knack for solving problems and he loves challenges.


Munna Shukul is as much an affectionate father to his kids as much as he adores his family and friends. His greatest joy comes from empowering the team to achieve their potential through sustained effort and growth.

Mighty Shukul Team

Meet Our Team

The Shukul Group designs a work culture that drives superior outcomes complementing its business vision. The team exceptionally trained by Munna Shukul supports each other to assist the challenging demands of the client requirements and the business. The diverse, yet combined technical expertise of the team is properly utilized to add value to the organization. The team collaboration has ensured that it sets an example not only to the clients but also to the extended workforce within the organization.